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Happy Birthday Blublu! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Sorry it's taken awhile butttttttt It's here! The server has been updated to 1.12. Enjoy the world of color!

Any issues please report on the forums. We know of a few hiccups, everything is wroking for the most part but its going to take a little time to get it all rolling

We are currently in the process of cleaning up some old plugins that do not get used. We will be going over those in the coming weeks. We will be attempting to save all old donation plugins but some might need to go. We will keep you posted.


We will be trying to get some new blood, I am going to try streaming on the weekends, we are trying to come up with a new referral program, and we will be updating/adding new advertising. Lets work together and get BaaaCraft bumping again.


We seems that TS is soooo last week. We will be working on establishing/updating a discord server. More news on that to come!

As always, thanks for being awesome!



 - New colored blocks:
       Concrete and concrete powder.
       Glazed terracotta.
       Beds are now dye-able.
  - Parrots in multiple colors.
  - Functions.
  - Several commands.
  - Narrator – says what is typed in chat out loud (Ctrl+B to turn on).
  - New sounds.
  - Your hotbar can now be saved and loaded in Creative mode (C+number to save and X+number to load).



  - Updated color palette of most colored blocks to be more vibrant.
  - Recipe book and Knowledge book.
 - Replacing Achievements with Advancements.
  - Stricter NBT syntax in commands.

Some Baaahistory to share with everyone! Tako and Chicken met on Baaacraft, fast forward two and a half yearsish and this little nugget pops in our mod chat! Please join Steph and I in congratulating these two on many more years of happiness!

PS Dont worry update is in the works! We hope to be updated very soon! Thanks for being awesome!

[$] Revith Better love story than twilight.
[$] Takochu
Takochu @ BaaaCraft
it's official: ChickenTaco is cannon
PolGesMohol Ha lovely story. Congratz u guys!!!

Im a day early buttttt

Have a wonderful Birthday!

Happy Bday

[Baaa] Melany23 posted May 8, 17

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