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We hope everyone is enjoying the new server setup! We have some fun ideas for Easter and recommend that everyone join the conversations on the forms about player made dungeons and towns.

Don't forget the spawn contest is still running, if you need a plot be sure to poke Neph or Melany when online.

We have released a new pack in celebration of March break. For $25 you can get Keep XP and items when you die, control the weather, and two special named, diamond tools

In the spirit of staying transparent with you guys, we are hurting. We never wanted to have to ask for donations but all saved donations are gone and we have been paying for the server for months out of our own pockets. We love you guys and we want to keep doing it forever, but need your help.

Once we meet donation goal we will look into a special treat for the server.

It's time for a new contest! This contest will be a creative build on our new contest server!

We have launched two new servers. Creative and Contest.



You are free to roam and test as you wish.

Please be respectful of people's builds.

You may set 3 homes right now

All the same rules from Baaacraft apply to this server. Anyone caught breaking those rules will face the same punishment as on main server.


The contest server is to be used for contest only. Any build that is outside of designated contest plots will be deleted.

You can see plotme info by using /plotme

Back to the contest!

We are looking for 2 new spawn areas for our new servers. We are looking for a garden theme. Bonus points if there is lots of pink and blue!


  • Stay within the red border.  When you spawn into the world you will see glow stone pillars to the left. Pick one of those plots and build away!
  • Must have an easily accessible area for signs/spawn in. You can make a wall, pillars, ect as long as the signs can be visible.
  • Garden theme. So we are looking for garden like builds. This can be anything from gazebos to open gardens. Buildings are allowed as long as it stays in the garden theme.

As always, any questions/comments/concerns dont hesitate to ask. We will be updating the rules page with the new servers rules soon and creating a creative forum to show off all your epic build.

It's been brought up that some people think they cannot bring things to our attention, we want to make it clear that you can come to us at any point about anything.

We keep this server running for you guys. Steph and myself have not played actively in over 2 years and as it stands right now the server is costing us money.

We rely on you guys for information on how things can be better, exploits you find ect. We need people to talk to us about what they want and what we can do to make things better.

That being said people need to understand that we both have jobs and a list of things we need to do but your suggestions will not go unnoticed.

We are working to get the server active so it can maintain itself again. We know that things have been slow going but life has happened for both of us and we are currently working on catching up and getting the server back to how it was in its prime.

Here is the list we have since the move in no particular order aside from ads. Those are at the top of the list and are being worked on regularly.

-Update/repost adds

-Update voting

-Mob Arenas

-Total overhaul of towns

-A large Karma sink

-Setting up creative/contest map (in-progess)

-Setting up lobby to showcase contest builds

-Setting up a game zone

Please, if you have an issue/suggestion let us know. Post on the forums, send me a msg on enjin or poke me in game. We will hear you out and try and make reasonable things happen.

PS New eggs are being a bitch. Anyone know how to sell them with trade signs I am all ears. Till then if you want to buy a new mob, send me a tell.

[$] iPortrend Although I haven't been as active as I would have liked these past few months I always know I have a place in Baaac...

Big Move!

[Baaa] Melany23 posted Jan 3, 17

The time has come! Tonight we will be moving to our new machine! This move comes with a few perks and a few new things to remember.

We are going to try out a hub system. Because we have a dedicated machine we can have different servers going. By running a hub system it allows all servers to communicate as one, if you’re on Baaanilla you can chat with people on Baaamain and vice versa. (Our antisocial sheeples don't need to worry! You have to toggle global chat with /g) This opens up a lot of option for us down the road if we decide we want to try different types of servers like creative, skyblock, pvp ect.

What this means for you. When you log into the server now you will have to pick the server you want to join. You can do this a few ways. You can go through the portals or use a command. All of this will be done from so you do not need multiple servers anymore.

Commands to move around:

/server baaacraft (Takes you to main)

/server baaanilla (Takes you to nilla)

/server baaalobby (Takes you to portal room)

This system is very new to us and will take some tweaking. If you see anything wrong please report it right away. We have set up a forum for people to submit bug reports here

The server will be updated to 1.11. With this update and the stuff generated in the world we will be extending the map 5k. This is the biggest extension we have done at one time. We hope this will be big enough for new things to generate. If not we will come up with an alternative solution.

Again this is very new to us. We might have some hiccups. We are counting on everyone to help us along the way and be patient. Please, if you see something off report it ASAP!

Thanks to everone who helped test! We appreciate you!

[$] _Abraxos_ congrats on the move. hopefully this one is more stable for you guys. Thanks for keeping us all happy! :d

Happy New Year

[Baaa] Melany23 posted Dec 31, 16

We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope everyone is as excited for whats to come for Baaacraft in 2017 as we are! Be safe friends!

[$] Byiro Happy new year!
[$] Farodin11 Happy new year!
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