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Im a day early buttttt

Have a wonderful Birthday!

Happy Bday

[Baaa] Melany23 posted May 8, 17

Happy Easter

[Baaa] Melany23 posted Apr 16, 17

Throughout Market, Baaaunny has hidden some treats. Find the sign and post the number here. First poster is the big winner. Anyone after that will win a small prize! Please only post one number!

Good Luck!

Baaaelf was telling Baaaunny how much fun he had with you guys over Christmas that Baaaunny wanted to come hang out!

Over the next two weeks,  a new forum event will be posted randomly. Be sure to join in on the fun!

Be sure to keep an eye out on the news for more Easter Updated!

We hope everyone is enjoying the new server setup! We have some fun ideas for Easter and recommend that everyone join the conversations on the forms about player made dungeons and towns.

Don't forget the spawn contest is still running, if you need a plot be sure to poke Neph or Melany when online.

We have released a new pack in celebration of March break. For $25 you can get Keep XP and items when you die, control the weather, and two special named, diamond tools

In the spirit of staying transparent with you guys, we are hurting. We never wanted to have to ask for donations but all saved donations are gone and we have been paying for the server for months out of our own pockets. We love you guys and we want to keep doing it forever, but need your help.

Once we meet donation goal we will look into a special treat for the server.

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Melany23   published Happy Bday on News
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